The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage: Do You Really Need It?

Do You Really Need To Get A Climate controlled Storage Unit?

Are you browsing the internet to find the best storage option for you at a reasonable price? Then, I assume you have already encountered the term “climate-controlled.” What does climate control even entail? Is it a must-have? Before you jump the gun and spend an extra couple of hundreds of dollars to get this feature, let us give you more information on it. Then you can decide whether you need one.

What Is A Climate-controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled storage is a kind of unit with fixed humidity or temperature. The storage facility’s management keeps it at a stable degree to make sure that the things you have in your unit are sheltered from severe cold, humidity, and heat that may cause permanent damage if left for an extended period of time. However, do not confuse climate control with temperature control. A temperature-controlled unit does not usually have the ability to control humidity.

What Is The Typical Temperature In A Climate-controlled Unit?

The temperature in most climate controlled storage units is generally maintained somewhere between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, with about 55 percent humidity retained. To contextualize, a typical home with air conditioning is usually between 35 and 40 percent humidity. But not all climate controlled storage units are the same. To be on the safe side, feel free to check in with the storage facility’s management and ask for a more certain figure. Then you can decide if the settings are what you are looking for.

What Objects Would Benefit From Being Kept In A Climate-controlled Storage Unit?

Any object that can warp, discolor or crack in intense humidity or temperatures should definitely be stored in a space where the climate is maintained. Below is a list of items that should be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit:

Important documents made of paper

Documents Made Of Paper
Paper is a very frail material. It will break when it gets wet, and it can attract insects; it can catch on fire. Paper is very susceptible to damage, so keeping any essential documents or mementos made of paper in a climate-controlled storage unit is highly advised.


Candles will melt, and the colors will start blending together when the climate gets too hot.


Severe temperatures will cause any type of film irreparable damage.


Toiletries usually come in a plastic container that cannot withstand intense heat. Bottles of shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, etc., may bend or break when the temperature in your storage unit gets too hot, resulting in the contents spilling everywhere and causing a mess.


Any type of art must be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. An unregulated climate will cause the colors on your painting to fade, and the paint itself can start peeling off.


Moisture can build up in a non-climate-controlled storage unit. This moisture can get to your electronics that can damage them.

Musical instruments

Musical Instruments
Many musical instruments are made of natural materials like wood, which does not do well in extreme temperatures.


Extreme heat may cause your medicines to go bad before their expiration date.


An intense temperature will not help in preserving the pristine condition of your antique furniture.

Benefits Of A Climate-controlled storage Unit

While the basic type of self-storage is enough to accommodate most business and household objects, some things require more care and protection. If you are storing any sensitive object that may break under intense conditions, you might want to consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit. To help you decide whether you truly need one, here’s a list of pros you can take advantage of:

Fantastic In-unit Air Quality

Air quality is typically overlooked when searching for a storage unit. The seal in a basic self-storage unit is not the same as the one climate-controlled units have. You will not need to visit your unit frequently just to let fresh air in since the air quality in a climate-controlled storage unit stays fresh and clean thanks to continuous circulation. This is especially important if you are planning to store important documents and electronics.

Climate Controlled Storage

An Extra Layer Of Protection

Climate-controlled storage units are usually situated indoors and equipped with insulation and tightly sealed floors, walls, and roofs. This fact makes this type of storage unit less prone to tracking in dirt or flooding. Also, since they are located indoors, there is less chance for insects and other pests to infiltrate and make a home in your unit. Even debris and dust will have a hard time getting inside. Your things will remain exactly the same way you left them regardless of how long they remained stored.

Peace Of Mind

Climate-controlled storage units are more expensive than basic self-storage units. However, this additional cost is overshadowed and insignificant compared to the peace of mind knowing that your stuff is sheltered against weather-related problems and harsh changes in seasons will bring you.

Should You Go For It?

Is a climate-controlled storage unit the best option for you? Will it be worth the extra couple of hundred dollars you will be spending? The answer varies from person to person because it actually depends on which items you will be storing, your location, and how long you will keep your things stored.

Will you be keeping couture fur coats or century-old antique furniture in California until the next winter? You should absolutely go for climate control.

Are you in the middle of moving houses and in need of temporary storage for your things while you get everything in order? In this case, a basic self-storage unit will do.

Even if the objects you will be storing are not listed under the sensitive category, but you consider them irreplaceable and if they mean a lot to you – consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

The costing widely varies; it is anywhere between 20 to 50 percent more costly compared to a basic storage unit.

The Bottomline

Is it a necessity? If you are located somewhere where temperatures can go to the extreme or a place with high humidity, a climate-controlled storage unit will give you the optimal care you need to protect your belongings.

If you are storing sensitive items or things that hold sentimental value for you, it is advisable to get a climate-controlled storage unit regardless of where you are located and what your local climate is like.

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